Women in Tech: Learning To Lead

I’ve been running my own web design studio for over 6 years. Being the boss is tough, and being the boss when you’re a woman is even tougher, I have to work twice as hard to appear credible . (author’s note: I acknowledge the complexity of using the term ‘woman’ and I’m referring to anyone who wants to identify with the term ‘woman’ in this context).

I run a small, busy agency, I lead a team of people, close deals, draw up contracts and I deal with clients and their evolving needs. Dealing with clients means I have an incredible amount of responsibility sitting on my shoulders and it’s hectic.

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From Dancer to Developer: My Life Before Tech

Not many people know this about me, but in my past life, waaaay back before I learnt to code, I was a dancer and an aerialist. The Heropress Blog recently profiled my story of how I had a dramatic career change and how WordPress had a big part in this.

I talk about my life before tech, my devastation at having to stop performing, and how I recovered from this curveball. You can checkout the full post here: When Life Throws You  a Curveball.

Why WordCamp Europe 2015 Was So Damn Good!

Held in Sevilla, one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, WordCamp Europe 2015 knocked it out of the ballpark for me. This was my first international WordCamp and it did not disappoint. From the speaker line up, to the events and the venue, this was a brilliant experience and I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to attend.

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10 Things Men Can Do To Support Women at Tech Conferences

I love tech, its my life, and I love conferences and tech events, they inspire me. But many times I’ve walked away with a niggling feeling in my stomach, like something isn’t quite right, like I’m an outsider. I talk but I’m not sure if I’m really being heard, I often feel invisible.

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